March 17, 2014

Growing companies often have exclusive business events in which they connect with others with the goal of enhancing their brand’s reputation. As they begin their trade show campaigns, it’s imperative for growing companies to understand the effect that the design of their trade show exhibit will have on their overall event performance. With that in mind, we’ll outline the methods to designing trade show exhibits for start-up business events.

Creative Often Beats Professional

While professionalism is imperative in all aspects of trade show exhibit design, creative displays are bound to get noticed by those attending industry events. Therefore, it’s imperative for small firms to begin their trade show planning by contacting a local event specialist to go over the various options available in terms of customized branding. By following the best-practices of those within the event marketing industry, companies can carve out their own brand image, which could act as the ideal foundation to all future campaigns.

Highlight Event Connections

As part of their displays, companies must add call to actions in order to drive lead generation for their start-up company. There are few environments in which call to actions are more important than in these types of events. To create the ideal call to action, companies must first decide the goal of their campaign and then use the call to action to complete this goal.

Marketing within trade show campaigns is a gradual process. Beginning work on the design of the exhibit is a great way to lay the foundation to strong performance.