February 28, 2014

Business owners must be able to budget for their promotional activities and ensure that all elements utilized within their campaigns are cost-effective. One area in which budgets are often expanded is trade show displays. Companies often find that items such as pop-up displays end up costing them a larger amount than they anticipated when they factor in processes such as customization and design work. Within this blog, we’ll review how companies can reduce their expenditure on pop-up displays.

Secure Access to Refurbished Products

The majority of specialist companies are able to offer refurbished displays at a fraction of the price of new models. For a growing firm with immediate and no long-term promotional plans, refurbished products are often the ideal choice. It’s important to speak with companies about their warranty options when considering refurbished displays, as sometimes that seemingly great offer can lead to excessive spending on maintenance and display repairs.

Base Choices on System Portability

The ability to transport displays from one venue to another is crucial for growing companies. Firms require displays that are highly portable and can be dismantled and set up without professional help. By choosing these mobile systems, companies can save thousands annually on display storage costs and other additional service fees.

Saving money is often the first priority for a new business entering the promotional marketplace. By working with trusted industry experts, companies can maintain a careful eye on expenditure while improving their brand image. Learn more about cost-saving techniques by contacting our in-house display specialists today. Qualified team members are standing by to answer all display-based questions.