June 19, 2013

There are many decisions that must be made before a summer trade show event. There’s the process of selecting personnel to attend the tent. There are decisions to be made about the type of event architecture required. There are also important choices to be made about the type of brand messaging to be used. Choosing the correct event flags is pertinent in both the areas of messaging and event architecture. So within this blog, we’ll help business owners to make a decision between double-sided and single-sided event flags.

1)      Single Sided Flags are More Durable

One key consideration when selecting any trade show material is durability. Single-sided event flags tend to be more durable than double-sided options because their construction enables the wind to flow through them with less resistance. Whereas double-sided options must be somewhat wind resistant and optimally display brand messaging on both the back and the front, single-sided flags can flow with the wind. So for those looking for a long-term outdoor promotional tool, single-sided flag designs represent the best choice.

2)      Choose Double-Sided Flags for Detailed Designs

For all busy events this summer, double-sided event flags represent a great choice. Companies can use double-sided flags to provide a great range of information to event audiences. In addition, double-sided flags allow for more detailed designs to be utilized, as the material remains tense, even in strong winds. For those with a great amount of information to display at their next industry event, a double-sided flag is ideal.

Making the right decision on the style of the flag for an upcoming event could enable your organization to improve its brand recognition considerably. Begin by speaking with a local trade show specialist who can walk you through all the factors involved in the deciding process.