February 4, 2014

For growing firms, that first trade show event represents an opportunity to introduce the brand to both competitors and potential partners. But before the introductions are made, it’s imperative that the promotional materials are suited to the particular event audience. So within this blog, we’ll review how to captivate a business audience through the use of expertly-designed trade show banners.

1)      Use Banners to Highlight Achievements

There’s only one metric that many businesses consider when reviewing others in the marketplace – how successful has the company been in terms of sales. For those with a short company background history, there might not be a great range of data to call upon for promotions. But firms should always have one achievement or completed objective which highlights their skill. When highlighted on trade show banners, this achievement can be utilized to show that the organization is adept within the marketplace and able to move forward.

2)      Create Compelling Call to Actions

What action would you like the audience to take upon seeing your trade show banners? That’s the question that trade show presenters should consider when creating their banner products. By answering this question, companies can utilize a call to action within their trade show banners that helps achieve the desired results. Examples of a call to action might be “Call us today to learn more about our product!” or “Find out how to save money on your service – email today”. Using a call to action can help companies drive lead generation and build relationships at business events.

Within a corporate event environment, exhibitors will be competing strongly for audience attention. Ensure that banners are designed with both campaign objectives and audience interest in mind in order to achieve that long-term event success.