October 9, 2014

Local area GTA brands are continually searching for ways to maximize both the interest within their display banner stands as well as the impact those banner stands have in their next Toronto event. While small companies only have limited resources available to them, there are numerous marketing avenues to pursue to ensure that the event is a success and a return on banner stand investment is achieved. In this blog, we’ll look how to build interest in display banner stands during an upcoming Toronto event.

Connect Online and Offline Campaigns

The most successful online strategies are those that capture and retain interest in the offline market. Companies can drive interest in their banner stands by building a social media campaign that connects with an event both before the event has begun and while it’s in progress. Live streaming can be a critical tool in this process. Tech-savvy companies can live-stream their events to bridge the online and offline gap in their marketing. This process can begin simply by inviting leads and previous customers over Twitter or Facebook and then interviewing them for the livestream at the event.

Commit to Long-Term Lead Generation Campaigns

Building interest within a product or service can take time, depending on the product. It’s important for companies to approach their Toronto events in a way that focuses on their display banner stands’ audience. Who is the ideal client for the company? What strategy can we employ that gets their attention? By forming their display banners based on the results of a lead generation campaign, companies can decide which styles will earn their brand the best ROI for many years to come.

Effective displays creative lasting event marketing success. But the foundation to this process is research and a commitment to communicating with clientele pre-event.