June 24, 2014

It almost seems unfair for many growing firms faced with the mountainous task of overcoming their wealthier, more well-known counterparts in the marketplace. But many companies are finding that, by harnessing the benefits of a well-designed booth display, they can overcome their rivals and shine the spotlight on their brand. In this blog, we’ll look at how smaller companies are utilizing their booth display systems to beat the odds and outperform larger companies.

Expert Trade Show Design

While design costs can be off-putting to many small companies, there are those that recognize the important return on investment expert design provides. Companies have a mere one or two seconds to make a lasting impression on each trade show audience member. This means that design plays a critical role in achieving that important brand recognition. Professional designers can create uniquely stylish booth display systems that will appeal to target audiences.

Consolidating Trade Show Costs

Small companies don’t have the resources of their larger counterparts, but many still waste their money on display items that add little value to their overall campaigns. It’s important to eliminate costly items that weigh down marketing budgets. For example, instead of advertising events in newspapers and magazines, companies can be proactive in setting up social media accounts to promote their events. It’s an effective mechanism for promoting brand campaigns while maintaining on-going communication with key audience members!

Small company owners will be forced to think creatively in order to outshine the larger competition at corporate events. But this is not an insurmountable challenge. There are proven success stories from those who have utilized trade show marketing to transition from a local specialist to an international leader. Contact our team directly today to learn more!