February 11, 2014

Today’s trade show marketing leaders are focusing on solutions that combine rugged durability with flexible portability. And so it’s clear why so many are now turning to solutions such as retractable banner stands. An innovation in event marketing, the retractable banner stand is now an affordable solution for growing companies looking to maximize their brand exposure. Here, we’ll look at how retractable banner stands benefit the future-focused small business.

Fast Set-Up Times

Retractable banner stands can be set-up in mere minutes. This ensures that event representatives have more time to speak with attendees and promote their brand. Over the long-term, this additional lead-generation time will help companies to increase their customer-base and build from using this high efficiency product as their base for promotions


As the graphics within retractable banner stands simply slide back into the enclosure, the product is designed to be taken from event-to-event for optimal marketing aesthetics. Companies will find that their brand exposure increases quickly when they work with retractable banner stands in their campaigns.


Because of the protective layer of metal that surrounds the graphics within retractable banner stands, the graphic display is protected in the long-term. This ensures that graphics don’t suffer the denting and ripping that can occur when traveling on the road with other, less durable display systems.

Beginning from a foundation of highly durable, portable marketing products is the ideal starting point for today’s brands. Contact local trade show marketing specialists to learn more about the various models of retractable banner stands being released on the 2014 market.