As companies around the globe look continue to explore new ways in which to expand their marketing campaigns while limiting expenditure, one solution in particular is becoming increasingly popular – renting. At Best Displays, we allow organizations to rent a wide array of trade show displays at a fraction of the cost of purchase, so that they can gain the outstanding benefits offered by using our first class equipment while making great savings overall.

Organizations may wish to rent one of outstanding truss trade show displays, which are widely considered to be the most cutting-edge, dynamic trade show systems available. The structure of these superb trade show displays is such that they can conform to a plethora of configurations including curved, circular or straight depending on the clients’ specific show requirements. Another benefit to renting one of our unique truss displays is that they can also be integrated within other display systems such as pop up displays and panel displays, so those companies that have previously purchased display architecture can utilize the truss displays to add to the aesthetic appeal of their product. In addition, extra graphics, racks monitors and literature racks can easily be added to enhance the display’s functionality.

Truss displays are also highly portable and, when rented from Best Displays, come replete with a single wheeled case for easy transport across the trade show floor and to the storage area. To rent your very own truss displays or choose from the superb catalogue of trade show displays available within the Best Displays catalogue, contact our in-house specialists today!