MBOT eventOctober 27, 2015 – A company’s display booth is its hub at local market events. It’s the area in which they interact with prospects and qualify those prospects as potential customers of their company. To achieve a significant return on investment, it’s critical to hone this lead generation process. And so within this post, our experts will look at how Toronto companies can capitalize on their investment in a display booth with their lead generation process.

Use Goal Oriented Call to Action Marketing

When designing their display booth, it’s important that Toronto companies invest in high quality call to action marketing. Using statements such as “Ask our experts…” and “Take our challenge…” companies can improve their lead generation results by engaging prospects before they even arrive at the display booth.

Train Teams to take a Conversational Approach

Most companies exhibiting at sales events will be taking a sales-first approach to the process. But by using a conversational tone in their display booth areas, a company’s team can make that important connection without scaring off potential customers. Simply asking about the person themselves and their goals from the tradeshow can help built trust and create the foundation to a strong business relationship.

Powered By SearchHave a Plan to Collect the Data

It’s imperative that companies collect the data they procure at their display booth and the place the data in a centralized system ready for use after the event. Trade show data can have a lasting net benefit for companies long after the event has been completed. This data could include metrics such as the number of prospects who signed up for email offers or contact information from connections made at the event.

Through dynamic planning and a commitment to event organization, companies can achieve significant lead generation results from their upcoming events. To learn more, contact our team directly!