April 2, 2015

Trade shows are an unrivaled opportunity to promote a brand and invite interest from motivated clientele from across the industry. But in investing in trade show booths, Toronto companies must also train their sales team members to follow specific techniques to master the sales conversation. Having the best trade show booth at the event is important. But well-rehearsed, effective, sales team members are crucial to event success. In this blog, we’ll focus on how companies can train their reps in getting the conversation started at their trade show booths.

Establish Common Ground

In developing the foundation to the conversation at their trade show booths, Toronto sales reps must first develop common ground with the audience member, perhaps asking them what they think about the show.

Be Honest

Reps must be upfront about their pitch. They must tell the audience member how much of their time they will take and what they will discuss.

Powered by Search at SES Toronto 2013Ask About their Problems

By asking about the audience member’s professional problems, the rep can lead them to their company solution. This data is also useful for future lead generation campaigns.

Pose a Challenge

To engage the audience member, it’s important for reps to offer up a challenge. Try to get them invested in the conversation with a potential reward.

Ask Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions are ideal for developing a conversation. Questions such “How familiar are you with our product line” are far better than “Have you seen our products before?”

Use a Hands-On Demonstration

Where possible, reps should always lead the conversation to a hands-on demonstration of the product. The attendee will develop a bond with the product by touching it for themselves and seeing its performance.

By following the guidelines for effective sales conversations, trade show hosts can maximize their return on investment at events. To discuss this topic with a specialist, contact our team today!