June 18, 2015

In achieving their ideal trade show displays, Toronto firms must consider the returns they can achieve over their ownership of the equipment. By reviewing the marketplace and speaking with industry experts, companies may find that their displays are far more valuable than they realized. In this blog, we’ll review several ways companies in Toronto can enhance the return on investment in trade show displays.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACustomizing the Display for a Particular Event

Trade show audiences expect companies to create displays specifically for that event. But with hundreds of events to attend throughout the year, business leaders may find the process cost prohibitive. However, there may be times when customizing an older display is worth the expenditure. For example, a custom-designed display could be ideal for a large industry event in which direct competitors will be advertising their products.

Set Clear Marketing Objectives

Company leaders must commit to setting their objectives far in advance of the beginning of the event. Whether the goal of the campaign is to increase social media followers, boost market penetration or bring more leads to the sales team, having a clear objective will help improve the chances of return on investment within trade show displays. It will also help company reps remain more focused to drive greater engagement with attendees during the event.

Review Display Maintenance Requirements

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach trade show display has a set maintenance regimen that, when followed, will ensure the system retains peak performance over many years. Companies must dedicate time to reviewing the system’s maintenance needs and then following the recommended actions precisely. By keeping the system in top condition over many years, companies can significantly enhance the display’s lifetime.

An investment in trade show displays must be nurtured to maximize returns over many years. Follow the guidance in this blog to ensure your systems offer long-term value, and contact our team directly if you have any questions about display maintenance or customization.