October 28, 2014

Canadian-based companies investing in truss displays do so with the objective of securing long-term branding success. But oftentimes, growing companies don’t have the knowledge to leverage the equipment to its highest potential. This can mean a wasted investment and difficulty in achieving marketing campaign success for the company. This blog will focus on the benefits that truss displays bring to modern long-term Canada branding campaigns.

Change Display Each Show So Suit Audience

Different trade show audiences have different vendor requirements. They may prefer trade show exhibitors to showcase instructional videos on their products. Companies can respond to this type of audience requirement with truss display shelving that holds large flat screens. Whereas another event audience might require the company to respond with a guest speaker, therefore requiring the exhibitor to build a podium into their truss display system. The flexibility of the truss display brings a variety of options to the company’s branding campaigns.

Ease of Portability Allows Entrance into New Markets

While local growth is a critical component of small business performance, companies must reach out to new markets in order to expand their promotional campaigns. For companies in Canada, this means using portable truss displays to showcase their product lines to potential clients in other cities and provinces. The modular style of truss displays means they’re easy to dismantle and place in shipping from one destination to the next

The modern incarnation of the truss display is the requisite tool for growing companies looking to improve the results of their trade show marketing campaigns. It’s the portable, flexible display solution that is at the heart of thousands of successful promotions worldwide.