August 28, 2014

Most of the leading Canadian companies are now committed to online marketing campaigns. These online marketing campaigns are delivering strong-results for those committed to their investment. But there are now ways to maximize a company’s online appeal within the offline business world. For those about to enter into a business event such as a trade show, it’s important to use trade show displays to synchronize offline and online campaigns. Here, we’ll outline how to make this marketing integration work possible.

1. Utilize Online Branding Directly on Trade Show Displays

One example of a way in which to synchronize online and offline campaigns is to highlight a company website or online-based competition directly on the trade show display design. Using the URL of the site, companies can direct trade show audiences to their online presence and improve the connection between the event and their online marketing activities. Companies can present a simple text window to site viewers asking them to provide an email for a specific prize at the event. This can then ensure that companies generate leads and significantly increase hits to the website.

2. Link Webcam to Live Event

A great way to bring online attention to a real-world event is to connect a webcam to trade show displays. Companies across Canada can engage online audiences and bring interest from across the trade show floor by installing a webcam to their display and inviting comments on the event from passers-by.

The success of trade show marketing can be increased significantly by combining the benefits of online and offline campaigns. A commitment to creative marketing campaigns offers lasting results for innovative firms.