March 19th, 2015

Live streaming is now being used by Toronto companies to connect their at-event audience with their brand audiences across the country. But many Toronto companies are still struggling with successful implementation of live streaming at their trade show booths. This process doesn’t necessarily have to be overly complex. In this blog, we’ll look at several applications for incorporating live streaming at a trade show booth.

10 Pop Up 2 MonitorsRecord Product Demonstrations Live

One important element of hosting trade show booths for Toronto companies is showcasing their latest innovations to audiences. By live streaming their product demonstrations, companies can significantly increase the audience for their product. To ensure success, companies should have their technical staff work with their most proficient product engineer to hone the demonstration process before they go live on air.

Live Stream Company Interviews

It’s important for event audiences to get to know the company and those that work within it. By recording interviews with important company stakeholders, brands can streamline this introductory process. Brands should carefully select interviewees to ensure the most entertaining and educational experience for the live stream viewer.

Live Stream a Q&A with Audience Members

Audience members at trade show events are often looking for the opportunity to interact with company reps. It is important that this interaction is broadcasted as widely as possible to ensure outside audiences can see how well the company is engaged with their audience. Companies can secure Q&A success by preparing for common questions and by ensuring that only the most adept public speakers are answering product and service questions at the event.

Live streaming is helping local companies achieve a larger and more diverse audience and marketplace for their products. To review your firm’s live streaming options, speak with a Best Displays & Graphics specialist today!