March 15, 2016 – The main purpose of trade show displays is to highlight the company’s products or services in such a way as to “wow” potential clients into coming in for more information. Best Displays & Graphics did just that for their client, AGM Renovations, for the 2016 GTA Home & Reno Show. The expert team at Best Displays & Graphics took a simple idea and grew it into a true brand experience, resulting in AGM Renovations winning the award for Best Booth.

20160212_094219Great Displays Start with Great Listening Skills

Best Displays & Graphics pride themselves on taking a customer’s ideas and transforming them into beautifully designed promotional displays. The key to delivering the highest quality product is to truly listen to the customers’ needs. Which is what Best Displays & Graphics’ in-house graphic designer, Robin did when approached by their new customer, AGM Renovations. Robin took the time to really listen to what they needed, and came up with a show stopping design. The main goal of the project was to allow potential AGM Renovations clients to really experience the brand, not just see what they do through graphic representation. Robin took what he learned and created a way for people to experience first hand what AGM Renovations offered – a way to transform a home into something awe inspiring.

AGM Basements-10X20-A3The Rendering and Design of the Award Winning Display

AGM Renovations needed a 10×20 display for the show held in February 2016. Reid, the lead sales representative on the account at Best Displays & Graphics, together with Robin, came up with the original rendering. Using blueprint hardware, they were able to custom build the trade show display, which included:

20160214_144315These elements alone, while beautifully designed and eye catching on their own, were not enough to completely envelop potential customers into the AGM Renovations brand. For that, AGM Renovations needed something spectacular, something with a “wow” factor.

Adding the “Wow” Factor to Take It from Good to Best

Making sure the display had the right feel was one of the most important factors in designing AGM Renovations’ display. Best Displays & Graphics really wanted customers to experience AGM Renovations’ ability to transform a home. To accomplish this, Robin focused the design around architectural elements: the recessed shelves, the accent lighting. Then the team stepped it up with the addition of a recessed fireplace in the center of the display with perfectly placed accent lighting to highlight the transformation.

AGM Basements-10X20-A2The fireplace enhanced the atmosphere within the display and provided that “Wow” factor that both AGM Renovations and Best Displays & Graphics had been aiming for.  The seamless graphics, coupled with the fireplace and other architectural elements, made this display an award-winning work of art.

The Extra Touches

Designing the ideal trade show display for AGM Renovations was not without its challenges. Mainly, how to include the brand logo without interfering with the back wall design with the fireplace and still maintain the right atmosphere. With all the product options at Best Displays & Graphics, finding the right one did not take too much. In the end, they used a hanging sign to display the AGM Renovations brand logo.

The hanging sign gave the added benefit of drawing the eye across the trade show floor, which resulted in higher visibility. This, coupled with the other design and architectural elements, led to incredible customer response and the winning of the Best Booth Award.

AGM Basements-10X20-A1The End Results

Thanks in large part to Robin and Reid‘s creative approach and ability to listen to what their client really wanted, Best Displays & Graphics was able to produce an award-winning trade show display. AGM Renovations was very pleased with the results, so much so, that they have decided to use the existing booth elements and expand on them for a 10×30 trade show space for the upcoming National Home Show.

Providing innovative solutions to not only meet customer expectations, but to take them above and beyond is something that the dedicated team at Best Displays & Graphics strive for each and every time. With over 30 years of experience in producing award-winning trade show displays, Best Displays & Graphics have the tools, knowledge, and passion needed to stay ahead of the game.

To learn more about custom designed trade show displays, or for more information on how the talented team at Best Displays & Graphics can help you bring your trade show display idea into breathtaking reality, please contact the expert staff at Best Displays & Graphics today!