Before investing in the latest trade show displays, it’s important you have a clear idea on display rental options you can use replace or add to your current system. To help you build your next trade show booth, we’re highlighting our guide to the latest trade show rentals.


Though often overlooked, furniture is essential in creating the mood for your booth space. It can convert the trade show pieces from an exhibit booth to meeting space by adding tables, or a place for visitors to sit and relax for a moment by adding couches. Not to mention transitioning a smaller booth to fit a larger space for a fraction of the cost of purchasing additional trade show pieces.

Pop up Displays

Pop up displays can be used as a great add-on or backdrop at your trade show events. They can be used both at the entrance to the venue and next to the main display to provide additional information on the company and its brand. A great advantage of pop up displays is that they’re easy to set up and collapse to fit into a bag or case to facilitate transportation to and from the event.

Blueprint Displays

Offering a modular approach to display design, blueprint displays provide something a little different to the traditional display. Their modularity allows them to be reconfigured quickly from event to event and can be integrated with a range of accessories, including screens, literature racks, and more. Providing flexibility to accommodate any of your trade show marketing requirements.

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