Friday, Feb 16 – By considering the newest accessory options and investing carefully within your display you can make a lasting impression on attendees at your upcoming events. To help guide you we’re highlighting the latest display accessories in the marketplace.

LED Light Panels

If you’re showcasing a new product, or just trying to gain some brand recognition, it is essential to capture the imagination and attention of your audience. From highlighting key products or messages to guiding your visitors around your booth space, LED light panels are the ideal solution for this marketing challenge and can be simply integrated within your display.

iPad Stands

With increased focus on technology at trade shows, customers will expect the use of tablets at upcoming events. This means companies should harness iPad stands within their display. Whether sharing company and product information, or digitally gathering leads, iPads are a great tool for your next trade show event.

Backlit Counters

For additional branding opportunities, you might consider adding backlit counters to your display. When you’ve invested significant resources in display design, it’s imperative the design is appealing and functional to meet your campaign goals. Backlit counters can help give you the edge over event competition by attracting more guests.

Flat Screen Displays

Capture guest speakers and highlight brand products in stunning detail at your booth with flat screens. These systems are now lightweight and simple to use, ensuring full value for money for all promotional events. Not to mention the ability to repurpose for all campaign objectives ensuring full ROI.

Our team at Best Displays & Graphics can help enhance your upcoming event with the latest trade show display accessories. To discover more about the newest options, call us today!