February 10, 2014

Blueprint trade show displays are now considered the requisite choice of product for companies looking to make an instant impact with their tradeshow marketing. While new to the tradeshow display marketplace, the product has become a must-have tool for companies of all sizes. The unique benefit of working with the BluePrint trade show display system is its modular design. Within this blog, we’ll highlight how companies can utilize this design concept to entice audiences with their products and services.

1)      Fresh Long-Term Event Promotion

The modular design of the BluePrint trade show displays means that these products are widely used by companies who have many events across the year. Firms can harness the modular display system to create a unique design aesthetic at each event. This then ensures that the display is designed specifically for each event audience. For example, at an event where companies wish to meet with clients, they can use the BluePrint display in an open-concept format that is welcoming and professional.

2)      Reduced Transportation Costs

The BluePrint display design consists of many small pieces which fit together to create the overall system. This means that companies don’t have to spend a large amount of money on hauling costs. They can simply take the display apart at the event and then place it in small containers for use at the next venue. It’s a simple approach to high quality event marketing that is transforming the industry.

Exceptional marketing results depend on innovation and proactive decision-making. Companies can achieve their objectives seamlessly by adapting the BluePrint display for use with their future campaigns.