Trade show display design plays a key role in ensuring that your business catches the eye of prospective clients at any event. Best Displays is the ideal partner in doing so with their innovative products that have helped clients gain the success they deserve.

Here are a few questions that have been asked by clients and answered by our experts at Best Displays:

Why should I purchase a portable display?

Portable trade show display design can be used at tradeshows, events, shopping malls, conventions, lobbies, functions, and many other places. They are a great way to showcase your products or services to prospective customers while displaying important information. The Best Displays portable display systems are effective in gaining attention and creating brand awareness.

Which exhibit display would be best for my company?

When deciding on which trade show display design to go with, it is important to consider weight, set up time, transportability, and the overall look. Best Displays’ Pop-Up displays are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, while their Blueprint and Easy Show display solutions provide flexibility and a number of different looks. Figure out what you need or get some assistance with Best Displays’ helpful customer service.

How are displays set up?

Most of the trade show display designs can be set up in 10-20 minutes without requiring tools. Every system is designed to be set up by a single individual and is typically packed into a single lightweight traveling case on wheels for easy transportation.

If you are wondering why to buy your trade show display designs at Best Displays, we have that answer covered too. For starters, we are extremely price competitive. We shop around the world for products to ensure our prices remain highly reasonable. We also have an incredible selection of displays, exhibits, booths, kiosks, banners, and racks. Lastly, we guarantee industry leading service for all of our customers. We will ensure that you are entirely satisfied with our services and products.

Give us a try, check out our products, and ask your questions. We can’t wait to help you be the star at your next trade show.


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