June 26, 2014

Most companies know that there’s great value to be achieved when buying trade show booths. But when they take the wrong approach to this investment, the costs can put their organization way over-budget in terms of their purchase. In this blog, we’ll focus on four ways companies are able to reduce the price of their trade show booths.

1. Combine Trade Show & Store Floor Products

By utilizing their trade show booths and related equipment at both events and their stores, companies are able to share their costs between retail and event promotions.

2. Research Local Companies

Often, local trade show specialists are able to provide discounts to companies that promote their services alongside their brand at corporate events. It’s a way for both the trade show specialist and their clients to build business cost-effectively.

3. Buy Used Booth Equipment

The best available equipment on the trade show marketplace might be out of reach to most growing organizations, but last year’s models could still provide optimal event aesthetics. Trade show marketers should talk to a local specialist about their used display offerings.

4. Invest in Durable Systems

By spending their money on systems that will provide years of high level performance, companies can cut their investment costs down significantly over time.  It’s important to speak with industry experts about which models offer the best performance for specific campaign objectives.

Saving money is the leading prerogative for most small companies as they begin their marketing initiatives. By reviewing the preceding four cost consolidation tips, firms can ensure that their money goes towards systems that present top level value.

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