August 8, 2017 — Here at Best Displays & Graphics, we take on jobs both large and small – and we’re particularly happy to help out past customers when they need some design or build work, even if it isn’t a major project.

This is exactly what happened when TGI-Connect – a transportation logistics solutions company – came back to us in need of a large display piece for the in.Sight 2017 Conference and Expo.  In.Sight is one of North America’s largest transportation industry expos, and TGI-Connect wanted a presence there.  However, they didn’t need much – just a big background they could put a podium in front of to give talks.

But, that’s no problem!  We love working with past clients, no matter how large or small their needs are.

A Look At TGI-Connect’s 10-Foot Background Display

So, basically, TGI-Connect just needed a big background.  However, they still wanted it done with some style!

We decided to go with a pop-up display with vinyl graphics, specifically because of how easy they are to assemble and disassemble.  TGI-Connect had an interest in continuing to use the display for some future presentations, so vinyl made sense.  Vinyl graphics can be reused repeatedly without tearing or fading, particularly if they’re kept out of the sun.

We still wanted the background to “pop” and stand out on the floor, so we decided to make it a curved display.  This is also easy to accomplish with a pop-up vinyl combination, but still makes a great impression on visitors.  The internally-lit sky-blue columns on either side made it look friendly and accessible, while making a great frame for the info-graphics that otherwise covered the piece.  For the sake of presentation continuity, they wanted the background to resemble their website, so that’s what they got.

Then all it needed were a couple clip-on LED light panels to add highlights, and it was all set.

Another Job Well Done

While the job was simple to execute, it was exactly what TGI-Connect wanted and they were thrilled with the result.  When asked about their experience, they said:

This is our second booth with Best Displays, the first booth was great and served its purpose well, so when we started our search for a new booth, TGI did not have to look far for a quality product, at an affordable price, not to mention the great customer service.  They were willing to work with us for what we needed and provided some great options.  

We chose BDG over some other competition as BDG is focused on Displays as their primary business. TGI views BDG as a Display factory, where some other companies that we searched were focused in many areas. TGI wanted to deal with a focused company that we view as the display factory!

There were good suggestions from BGD staff and open discussion around what was needed and what would work best.

No matter the size of the job, Best Displays & Graphics is here to make your next expo appearance a success!  Contact us today for a full consultation!