While our graphic artists here at Best Displays can design imaginative trade show displays that truly sizzle with  high impact content, organizations also require an understanding of how to make best use of the space provided on the floor at their next trade show event. Within this post, we’ll look at two key tips that the top companies are now using to truly take advantage of every inch of space that they’re provided for their trade show displays.

1) Ensure that all elements are positioned away from obstructions

At the trade show event location, there will be areas in which the structure of the building impedes the view of certain display elements. It’s important to review the display location as early as possible to ensure that visitors to the event have an unobstructed view of the company’s display materials. In addition, businesses position display items so that they are facing the opposite direction to the flow of traffic, this will ensure that a larger percentage of event attendees see the company’s materials.

2) Make Use of Event Lighting


Lighting plays an important role in marketing any product at a trade show event. It can be used to highlight the importance of a certain aspect of a company’s products or guide attendees to a certain area of the display that they want attendees to visit. While event locations tend to be well lit areas with large amounts of space, some organizations may find that their displays been placed in location with limited lighting available. This is why it’s important to consider elements such as the T3 Fabframe with an optional light box, in order to make that instant, lasting impression at dimly lit events.

For more tips on how to maximize the display area at an industry, contact a member of our in-house design team today and find out what it takes to capture an audience.