With every new trade show display design project we approach it with the goal to provide our customers with easy, top quality, appealing, and manageable display systems. When we took on a trade show display design project for Dupont, a science company that works towards creating sustainable solutions for a better, safer and healthier life for people, we put our environmentally friendly display and printing materials to use. This display can be shown in two different layouts: 10” x 10” or 10” x 20” for more options to include chairs or just more space for potential clients within the trade show display area.

This specific display is also very unique due to incorporating both our Blueprint and Truss Display systems. Our Blueprint system offers framework that curves, straightens, joins together without the use of tools, and can be dismantled and rebuilt into a new and different layout. The Truss Display system has components that take minimal time to set up, contains lightweight, compact and easy to ship materials while staying affordable and attractive.

Our trade show display design for Dupont is the perfect combination of versatility and style that is sure to be appealing at their trade show. We ensured that every detail from the graphic design to the maintenance was done to perfection because we promise to only provide the best in innovative trade show display design.