When attending industry tradeshow events, it’s imperative for your company’s promotional architecture to feature large format graphics that are professionally displayed utilizing cutting-edge display solutions that are as eye-catching as they are cost-effective.  To meet this industry demand, double-sided Orient style banner stands offer the ideal solution.

Many industry experts recommend the double sided Orient banner stands because they are quite simply the most dependable solution on the market today. With a defect rate of less than 1%, companies will be delighted with the level of service they receive when utilizing this high-class product. In addition, Orient banner stands are exceptionally easy for event staff to install. The base of the product comes pre-loaded with the graphic already inside and the top rail already installed. Event attendees simply need to put together the three piece pole that holds the banner in place and sits in the base. Then, all that is required is to pull the banner up from the rail and lean it back until it can be connected to the top rail at the summit of the pole. In its entirety, this process should take about 60 seconds to complete.

Another leading advantage for those who wish to utilize Orient banner stands for their promotional requirements is that the systems are available in three distinct sizes through Best Displays. This allows organizations to have access to a high quality solution that fits withing their budgetary requirements as well as their event spacing capacity. To learn more about these innovative and popular products, contact our offices today!