When hosting a trade show display at a major event within their industry, growing companies must work with talented display partners to ensure the ideal return on investment. It’s the reason the team at NEXUS choose Best Displays & Graphics for their event marketing requirements. In this post, we’ll explore our work with NEXUS and the results NEXUS achieved through our trade show display equipment.

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Why did you choose Best Displays?

The reason that NEXUS’s team chose Best Displays & Graphics for their event requirements was because Best Displays was able to build the booth in the style required at a price-point within the company’s budget. Our team at Best Displays works tirelessly to make our products and services affordable to growing firms, and this was reflected in our work with NEXUS.

How was the display used?

The display our team at Best Displays & Graphics built for NEXUS was used at the CrossFit regionals event in Nashville, TN. The display is also set to be used for future events, such as CrossFit Games and Wodapalooza, among others.

What were the goals for the display?

The team at NEXUS required a display that would comprise a 10×10 footprint while allowing attendees to workout at the display front. The display featured two screens to show the workout progress via live feedback and provide an engaging element that attracted attendees.

How did Best Displays meet the event needs?

Beyond their work in customizing the ideal display, and installing it at the venue, Best Displays & Graphics was also able to connect NEXUS to other industry experts to ensure each element of the display was optimized for the event. They introduced the NEXUS team to the right people and made sure they were happy with the final product created. In addition to this, they launched with a kickstarter that was fully funded in 24 hours and doubled the goal at the end.

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What would you say about your overall experience working with Best Displays & Graphics?

“The company’s customer service was the best I received from any other supplier. And their products are phenomenal. Everything was top quality.”

Working with a trusted provider of quality trade show display equipment such as Best Displays & Graphics can ensure full value for your event marketing investment. To discover more about our products and services, call our team today.

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