The style of display you select for your marketing events can impact the return on investment for your marketing strategy. It’s critical the display is carefully considered and that’s why so many now turn to our team at Best Displays & Graphics. In this latest post, we’ll explore the benefits of adding portable displays to your trade show inventory.

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The first, and perhaps most obvious point to consider is that the display can be moved easily from the storage facility to the event venue.  The portability of a display is critical to consider for shipping purposes. With multiple marketing events, adding shipping costs to your budget can be extremely costly. You’ll save money and streamline the entire shipping process for an easy-to-transport product.


One clear advantage of portable displays is their affordability. They are designed harnessing high performance, lightweight materials. This means they are generally more cost-effective than larger, more complex systems. Companies can also save money when integrating portable displays. The display system requires fewer installers and can often be stored and transported directly by your firm, significantly limiting the costs for using the display throughout the year.

Flexible branding

Portable displays are easy to assemble with minimal tools required. This can equate to more opportunities for customizing the display from event-to-event. You’ll be able to add new systems to the display to meet your full range of event objectives, saving you from having to invest in a new display when you need to upgrade a campaign.

Return on investment

Because the display supports flexible branding, you’ll be able to easily achieve your return on investment with display use. You can use the display at various venues and for a full range of marketing objectives. This is ideal for a growing firm going through the growth stages of a business, from initially building up brand recognition to capitalizing on the burgeoning brand reputation in the industry at trade shows. You’ll be able to achieve a clear return on investment within the portable displays at each event.

Our experienced team at Best Displays & Graphics is here to help you capitalize on the many advantages of working with portable displays. Whether you wish to rent a display or purchase a new system for the long-term, we can provide you with a full range of choices for your business and its marketing objectives. To discover more about our products, call today.