Albarrie July 2016November 8, 2016 — Hosting trade show booth displays requires you, as a business owner, to have a clear understanding on how to effectively communicate with visitors to your booth. You should prepare for the types of question you’re likely to be asked at the event, and ensure your team has a clear understanding on how to address these questions. To help guide this process, this post focuses on the types of questions you can expect at upcoming events.

What is the Background of the Company?

At business events, most professionals want to know more on the history of an organization, its route to its current position and its value in the industry. Your staff should have an insight on the company’s background as well as its current objectives for the future when communicating with event visitors.

What are the Competitive Advantages of the Product/Service?

All sales people at events should be trained to know the products and services the company are promoting. This means not just knowing the benefits of the product, but what makes the product superior to others on the marketplace. Answering this question with precision and guiding potential buyers on the product’s competitive advantages can help give the buyer confidence in the company and your work.

iNAGO July 2016How Can I Buy from the Company?

Display hosts should also know exactly how a customer can buy from your company. They should know the purchase process inside and out and should be able to begin the process as soon as possible from the event space. This might mean working with the latest mobile payment technologies at the event and giving teams the ability to escalate the process for subscriptions and other services.

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