December 30, 2014

Working with technology can sometimes make life much easier. But sometimes it can be a frustrating process. At a trade show event, when the pressure is on and the audience is ready to be introduced to a company, it’s important the company’s technology is working to peak capacity. Here, we’ll analyze a few problems Toronto companies may encounter when integrating technology within their trade show displays.

1) No Available Power Units

It might seem like a simple problem, but it’s surprising how often this happens. Company leaders arrive at their trade show event ready for a big speech, only to find that there is no power outlet for their laptop or presentation system. It’s important to check with the venue ahead of time to ensure all elements are in place!

2) Low Volume on Video Demonstrations

The size of the venue and the quality of the sound equipment play a critical role in the success of video presentations at trade show events. Companies must visit the venue ahead of time and test their systems to ensure they offer the requisite volume for the space. Often, simply adding speakers can help brands deliver their message across the trade show floor.

3) Software Failures

While there’s little company leaders can do to prevent software failures occurring within systems used at a business event, they can create alternative activities. It’s important to create secondary processes that can be undertaken should there be a software glitch. For example, companies can prepare live demonstrations should their video demonstrations become unworkable.

While technology is becoming an ever-more reliable element within trade show displays, Toronto companies must still plan for possible issues. Contact the team at Best Displays today to learn more!