August 26, 2014

It can be difficult to craft custom trade show booth designs with little experience. Every little change to the design can make a difference. Fonts, colours and graphics are all crucial considerations. And in making these considerations, growing organizations often make mistakes that then go on to affect their company’s performance at trade show events. In this blog, we’ll review some common mistakes companies are known to make with their trade show designs, with the goal of preventing others repeating them.

Not Proofing Concepts before Printing

Oftentimes, there are many small tasks for growing organizations to attend to in completing their trade show planning processes. This can lead to mistakes being made in the proofing process. Spelling errors and illegible fonts are often the cause of wasted trade show display investments.

Not Considering the Venue

The venue is a crucial factor when creating custom trade show booth designs because lighting and available space will dictate the type of design required. Oftentimes, companies make the mistake of selecting their trade show design before they have even visited the venue to review their available space. This then leads to them changing the trade show display at the last minute to account for spatial and lighting challenges when they arrive at the venue.

Planning ahead and maintaining a complete focus on audience impact are critical components of effective custom trade show display designs. Speak with a specialist designer in your area today to review the options available to your company. Starting today can mitigate design challenges over the long-term.