August 18, 2015

The right trade show booth display can compel audience members to speak with a company’s reps at a trade show event. It can transform a brand from a local company to a growing multinational. This means that buying a trade show booth display is one of the most important marketing processes a company leader will undertake. When you’re going through this process with your firm, try to avoid these common mistakes.

Choosing a Company That Doesn’t Offer Design Services

Companies can consolidate their expenditure on their trade show booth display when they choose a display specialist that also offers design services. The costs of a display can be significant, as can the price of professional design services, but when combined as a package, firms are able to offer more affordable rates to their clientele. Try to find a company that will offer you a quote on both design services and the display product to simplify budgeting.

Not Training Staff for the Event

You might think it’s a fairly simple process. But hosting a tradeshow display requires a unique set of marketing skills. It’s imperative your staff is trained expertly in the weeks leading up to the event. They should be trained on how to qualify sales prospects. They should also be guided on how to answer several common questions the company will receive at the event. This can ensure the company gives the ideal impression and achieves a lasting return for their investment in purchasing a space at their tradeshow

Try to avoid these common mistakes during your next trade show event. In doing so, you’ll improve your company’s chances of appealing to a large audience at the venue and ensure lasting benefits for the business as it moves forward within the marketing process. To learn more, contact our trusted team today!