AGMJuly 06, 2017 – When you’re considering promoting your business at upcoming trade shows in Toronto, you might not have the resources to take your team to each event. And so, it’s important to determine which event offers you the best value in terms of brand promotion and recognition in the marketplace. In this latest post, out team explores how to choose from the upcoming trade shows in Toronto.

Choose Based on Number of Participants

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely looking for ways to stand out from the crowd at upcoming Toronto trade shows. This isn’t always possible when there’s a large number of companies competing for audience attention. Try to choose Toronto events with a limited number of brands taking part. While these events can be more difficult to get into, they can offer a greater level of branding value in the coming years.

Choose Based on Industry Reputation

Within your industry, there are likely market events that are held in high esteem by both customers and business owners. Make sure that you choose an event with a significant reputation. For example, companies in the tech marketplace might apply for a spot at TechTO this October. Make sure that your place is booked well in advance and that your team is ready to present its newest innovations.

Choose Based on Proximity

The proximity to your home offices is also an important consideration in choosing events. This can help to limit the cost of sending the entire team to travel to and from the event venue. Review the location of the big events coming up in Toronto and map out a travel plan that ensures your team can save money while attending.

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