November 21st – In managing your trade show campaign requirements, choosing the right display is a critical decision. Without the right system you’ll be unable to attract that target buyer and meet your long-term sales and marketing goals. To help guide you in choosing the perfect booth display for upcoming campaigns, we’re offering our guidance in our latest post.

Consider portability

Is the booth display portable and can it be moved quickly during the event by your staff? This is a leading consideration in hosting trade show displays. Make sure you can respond adeptly when circumstances change at your upcoming events.

Review display performance

Does the display offer the requisite performance for your trade show? For example, you may require a display that can be integrated with a flat screen for presentations. Make sure that all elements of display performance are considered when evaluating the options.

Does it offer scalability?

This is a leading consideration when choosing display options. Make sure the system is built for scalable performance so that you can add to it over time and alter the display for evolving campaign objectives. Truss systems and blueprint displays are two options which offer scalable design.

What is the total cost?

Remember to consider design and any alterations when choosing your perfect booth display. There are a number of costs that go into building a trade show system and it’s important to evaluate the entire system when all costs have been considered to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Our team at Best Displays & Graphics is here to guide you in choosing the perfect booth display. To discover more on the topic, call us today!