To elicit a strong response from potential customers at industry events such as trade shows, your trade show displays must be designed to make a lasting impact on the audience. Bright, interesting graphics and an expertly constructed display setting will help drive event attendees towards your event representatives, allowing them to promote your organization and provide full value for the cost of going to the event.

With so many companies attending trade shows, the importance of highly professional looking show displays is heightened. In order to meet this imperative goal, it’s important to speak with our specialist graphic design artists at least two weeks before your industry event. While our experts are able to rush orders in order to help clients who are short on time, it is always advised to consult with our in-house team at least two weeks before an event, in order to ensure that they have enough time to make sure your display is the hit of the show.

Our graphic design artists are some of the most prominent within the field. They have spent years monitoring the design trends for trade show displays across the U.S. and Canada and can help your organization meet its promotional targets by using computer aided design programs to extend brand appeal to capture a wider audience.

With an in-house design team that are widely thought to have the  highest production standards industry-wide, we are the clear, number one choice when it comes to high impact branding for trade show displays. To have our specialists produce eye-catching displays built precisely to your specifications, contact our in-house team today and speak to them directly about your precise and unique needs.