September 17, 2014

Every company wants to make a lasting impact with its trade show booth displays. Few are truly able to match their marketing campaign requirements with a design that resonates with their core audiences. But those that do will provide themselves with the ideal foundation for an exceptional return on investment for the long-term future. And that’s why booth displays remain an essential component of tradeshow success. Best Displays has a long-term history as a trade show designer and display expert and here our team will highlight the 3 most important factors behind the best summer trade show booth designs.

1. Innovation

Trade show attendees expect an element of surprise on event day. Companies that can provide them with an innovative booth display will help secure a place in their memory. The effective use of technology is crucial.

2. Consistent Branding

A company’s booth display must be consistent with their current branding campaigns. This means that the use of specific colours should remain the same on booth displays as it is on product packaging. This will help clients associate the brand with the colour and ensure familiarity for future events.

3. Responsiveness

Companies must use their trade show booth displays to respond to client requirements. Client questions and suggestions should be taken into considerations at all times during the booth display process. For example, clients might say they don’t know how to contact the company. In which case, the company could make their contact information the important element within event displays. This level of responsiveness helps build a relationship with target audiences.

By understanding the techniques that assure lasting returns from trade show displays, companies can reduce the risk in their trade show investments. Moving forward, consider the factors highlighted in this article and drive effective trade shows for your company.