June 14, 2016 – At business events around the country, table top displays introduce brands to new potential customers and allow for a comfortable interaction between event staff and event attendees. For those that are new to event marketing, it’s important to know how to effectively utilize table top displays to achieve marketing objectives. And so within this post, our trusted marketing team look at three tips for succeeding with table top displays.

  1. 6 - Table Top Banner StandOne Big Image Makes the Difference

Using one large image rather than a collection of smaller pictures can make a lasting difference when marketing with a table top system. The one large image can be used to capture the attention of attendees and to ensure quick engagement in a busy space.

  1. Make Effective use of Tablets

Tablets provide an easy-to-use and portable system for table top displays. They can be used to promote a company video or simply to allow event participants to add their information to the company listings. It’s important to carefully consider how tablets can be harnessed as part of the full table top display.

  1. Staff Training Should be a Priority

Because of the close proximity event staff will have with attendees, companies should train their team to ensure success in these interactions. Staff should be guided on how to answer common attendee questions and how to move the conversation toward their products and services. This process will ensure a streamlined approach to lead generation and help the company achieve full return for their investment in table top displays.

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