Here at Best Displays, we pride ourselves on offering companies a wide selection of choices when it comes to choosing the ideal display types for their promotional campaigns. We make it our mission as a company to stock the very best brands at the lowest prices, market-wide. And in terms of trusted excellence, the Orient display banner stands are a clearly superior choice.

Orient display banner stands are one of the most popular banner stand styles within our wide-ranging catalog. The product’s popularity with companies around the globe is due in part to its quality of construction. The Orient display stand has a defect rate of only 1%, which means that organizations can achieve consistent high-quality usage with the product over many years and for hundreds of events. This durability is all the more amazing when you consider that the Orient is one of the lowest-costing products in the current marketplace. The product’s affordability means that it represents the ideal solution for growing companies who are looking to increase their customer base without overspending in terms of their promotional budget.

When companies have spent thousands of dollars ensuring their place among the industry elite at trade show events, it’s important that their representatives are not wasting time constructing the display. Orient display banner stands to remove this part of the equation, as they are very easy to set up. Company representatives need to simply remove the base and pole from the carrying case, assemble the pole into one full unit, and then insert the pole into the base of the banner. This process should only take a few minutes when done correctly. Then, your company is ready to begin bringing in the customers with your very own high-value Orient display stands act as a key tool in your promotional armory.