At Best Displays, we take pride in building reliable booth displays and pop-up displays for businesses of every kind. So far, we have been blessed with associations like Lego and Bell, amongst many other renowned clients, but we cannot stress enough the willingness we have to serve all businesses around North America.

Our booth displays are perfect for all sorts of events such as exhibitions, trade shows and fairs, as they are specifically built to display products or give out information on services. Most displays can be set up under 20 minutes and do not require the use of any tools – they are easy to assemble and come in one light weight traveling case for convenience. The weight of our displays obviously varies with the size of it: our ten foot displays typically weight 80lbs (including the wheeled traveling case) and the twenty foot displays weight around 160lbs.

Most of our displays last up to 5-10 years as we only use high-quality materials and a very unique configuration. We are also able to change the design and artwork if your company updates its branding and image. Simply submit your graphics through Zip Disks, CD’s or diskettes and our graphic designers will do the work for you. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime warranty on the frames of our displays and a manufacturer’s defect warranty on all other components.

Businesses should order their displays at least one week in advance for displays without graphics and at least two weeks if graphics are needed. Of course, we can always meet a rushed demand as we strive to exceed your expectations, but having that extra time will ensure plans run smoothly and your display looking perfect for your event.

Our success depends on the success of our clients, which is why we engage ourselves in providing you with the perfect booth display for your company. With a lifetime warranty and high quality material, you can be assured that your display is protected against any manufacturer’s defects.

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