While there may be more innovative contemporary options available on the trade show display market, banner stands still provide a plethora of benefits that simply are not offered by any other type of display solution. Versatile and easy-to-use, these highly affordable solutions are utilized the world over as a top class promotional tool for organizations trying to convert a passive audience into a long-term active customer.

The first and perhaps most important benefit to utilizing banner stands is that they are extremely easy to set up and can often be put together by one person in mere minutes. This might seem like a minor benefit, but when your organization has paid a high price to attend a top industry event, every minute your company representatives gets to spend with potential cliental is precious. Therefore these simple to assemble banner stands can not only help your business to consolidate its tradeshow event architecture costs, but also to improve revenue through increased time spent interacting with potential future customers.

In addition to their easy-of-use, banner stands are also highly portable. This means that if your organization is attending an event in the morning in one area and an event in the afternoon in another, you can quickly and simply fold the product, put it in its carrying case and then place it comfortably in the trunk of your vehicle when you’re ready to move locations.

Offering growing businesses a high class, affordable solution that will allow them to compete directly with their more illustrious industry counterparts for client leads, banner stands are one of the more popular choices found in our catalogue here at Best Displays. Contact our in-house specialists today to learn about the many types of banner stand that we currently carry.