October 13, 2016 — Most exhibitors know the advantages pop up displays can have within their promotional campaigns. These products are cost effective and built for use across multiple advertising environments, from the tradeshow floor to the storefront. But most business owners don’t know there are significant distinctions between the various pop up display models on the market. In this latest post, we’ll present several questions to ask before purchasing a display

  1. How is the Display Constructed?KGG
    The materials within the display will determine the longevity and therefore value for money achieved by the organization in using the display system. The leading options in the market are constructed from fiberglass, which offers lightweight performance.
  2. What are the Maintenance Requirements?
    There’s little value in choosing a quality display when the display’s maintenance requirements will keep the sales team too busy to use the display effectively in the campaigns. Ensure you choose a system that requires little maintenance and has simple storage requirements. This will help your business conserves expenditures over the coming years.
  3. Can You Design for the Display?Mary McLeod
    The company that sells the display to you should be able to complete some of the design work. This will help you to minimize your costs as you craft the ideal display for your marketing campaigns. Remember to keep track of the display progress as it moves forward and ask for regular updates from the company to keep them moving toward your design objectives.

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