November 24, 2016 — 2X3 Pop UpVinyl pop up displays offer promotional value to companies across the commercial spectrum. But choosing the requisite design for the display is not always a simple process. To help guide you as you move forward with designing pop up displays, we recommend that you ask your team the following questions.

What is the Goal for the Design?

Are you trying to attract more customers or promote a certain product within the design? By establishing a clear goal for the company and for the design process, you can take a great first step in ensuring the right result within your design.

What is the Current Perception of the Brand?

One important consideration in designing vinyl pop up displays is how your current customers see your company. Are you able to improve the perception of the brand with your display design? Do you risk harming the reputation with poor design work? It’s important to work with customer-facing personnel to determine your brand’s current perception across the marketplace and ensure that the design balances these perceptions with your promotional objectives.

How Will We Use the Display in Future?

DSC_0034It’s also critical to consider the application for the pop up display. If you’re using the product in both a store environment and a trade show space, the product should be designed to appeal to both audiences. This means it should have some information that highlights the unique strength of the brand while also appealing to customers who already know and trust the firm.

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