November 12, 2014

It doesn’t matter whether they’re designed for a growing local firm or a multinational working with companies in Canada and the U.S., trade show displays must be designed to the highest of marketplace standards. With little experience in the field of trade show marketing and trade show design, many business owners struggle to select trade show displays that will capture their brand’s appeal and transform their campaigns. And so within this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the most important qualities each of the best trade show displays exhibit.

1. Strength & Durability

The structural performance of a display should be the leading factor in any selection process. Displays must be built to be utilized over many events in order to help brands achieve a return on investment and build-up their recognition over time.

2. Flexibility

Leading class systems each share this quality in common. Display flexibility empowers companies to refocus their campaigns for different trade show audiences. This means that business-to-business conferences can be marketed differently by companies in Canada than conferences where consumers are directly interacting with trade show displays.

3. Design Vision

Trade show display design can give momentum to branding campaigns. And displays that are not professionally designed will likely receive limited returns from audiences expecting the highest quality. This means companies must ensure professional design is an important focus pre-event. Working to find a company that offers both display sales and design can help consolidate the planning process.

Effective displays ensure companies are noticed within important industry events. Speak with a Best Displays expert directly to find out how your company can hone its brand vision by using the latest display architecture.