premiere oneMay 12, 2016 – Through effective planning, business owners can select their ideal corporate trade show displays in the months before their upcoming event, and then achieve their promotional goals as the event progresses. Before making their selection, however, it’s important for owners to learn how to plan the purchase process. In this latest post, we’ll present our guide to planning the purchase of a trade show system.

Review Your Trade Show Space

The first step in planning for the purchase of trade show displays is to review the available space. Do you have enough room to use flat screen for promotions? Will there be electrical connections for the lighting? These are critical considerations and your team must have the answers on the trade show space before they begin the purchase process.

Consider the Shipping Process

Where will the display be shipped? Is there room in the office for the display to be stored there while waiting for the event? Review the timing of the shipping stage to ensure all materials are available several weeks before the event.

KGGAnalyze The Design

The design of the display should be carefully considered before any final purchase decision is made. Does the supplier offer design services? What is the turnaround time for design work? Who will be in control of proofing the final design for the display? By answering these questions, your team can ensure their design corresponds seamlessly with the campaign’s promotional objectives.

10' Pop Up - 2 MonitorsGet the Team Together

The team hosting the trade show display for the company should be consulted at each stage of the planning process. They should be guided on the expectations upon them and how to interact with the display to ensure full return on investment for your company.

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