DSC_0148November 26, 2015 – Trade show banners communicate a brand’s important messaging to event visitors. They can direct visitors to follow a set of instructions or can be used to highlight a brand’s competitive edge in the industry. For such an important element, design is critical and so mistakes must be prevented. In this post, our team explores the most common mistakes trade show advertisers make when designing banners.

  1. DSC_0067They Don’t Leave Enough Time for the Design

While design technology is becoming more sophisticated and design work can be completed at ever-quicker speeds, the consultation process before the design is completed must be comprehensive. Many companies try to begin the banner design process at the last minute, which can be detrimental to the success of company promotions

  1. They Fail to Consider the Material Options

There are many different types of banner that can be used at a promotional event. Available materials include fabrics, plastics and other man-made options. It’s important to review all material options before the event begins. Exhibit hosts should speak with a specialist to analyze all products while taking cost, environmental and timeframe into full consideration.

  1. DSC_0114They Don’t Consider Event Venue Placement

Business owners and their staff should visit the event facility before the event to ensure that their banners are easily visible throughout the area. There’s little point spending a large proportion of the company budget on banner that isn’t visible. Teams should measure the banner carefully and review banner stand placement options before they begin the design process.

Banner design should be a key consideration for upcoming business events! To discover more on this process, contact the expert team here at Best Displays & Graphics directly!