October 4, 2016 – The fall season is now beginning and exhibitors across the country are now planning their events for the coming months. With the changing of the weather comes unique considerations for those entering promotional events and so within this latest post we’ll present our five tips for success with trade show displays this fall.

  1. Organize Your Calendar
    10' Pop Up - 2 MonitorsIt’s a busy time of year with multiple events taking place across all industries and so it’s important to keep your dates organized. Remember to contact the display specialist several weeks before the event to ensure your display is ready and available.
  2. Train Teams for the Hectic Schedule
    Your trade show team will need to know how to interact with the tradeshow displays this event season. Make team-building a priority and showcase your displays for your marketing team to help them learn the benefits of your new systems.
  3. Consider Storage Costs
    With the cooler and wetter weather arriving, it’s now time to consider how you’ll be storing your display during the fall and winter seasons. There are many options and it’s important to talk with an industry expert to choose the right option for your particular display.
  4. Improve Display Lighting
    Albarrie July 2016As the days gets darker in the late afternoon, you might want to add enhanced lighting to your fall trade show displays. Take a look at the latest options alongside a specialist and pick a lighting product that illuminates your brand.
  5. Review Late Year Deals
    As we move later into the year, trade show displays manufacturers offer their systems at lower pricing to attract business. And so you might be able to find that ideal display at a lower cost. Begin reviewing the market now so you can capitalize when the price falls occur in the coming months!

Our team is available today to help guide you in achieving optimal campaign performance this fall season! To learn more, call us today at 905-940-2378.