WelcomeHomeRelocationsMarch 23, 2016 – When entering the marketplace in Canada and buying their trade show displays, business owners can often make simple mistakes that may cost them later in the marketing process. The team here at Best Displays & Graphics has significant experience in the tradeshow marketplace, and in this post we’ll outline four things many business owners wish they’d known before buying their trade show booths.

  1. Showing Up Isn’t Enough to Succeed in Event Promotions

Many business owners simply believe they have to attend the event to achieve their promotional goals. But the process is far more nuanced. Companies require effective trade show booth designs, proactive attendee outreach and numerous other components to ensure event success.

  1. Planning is Critical to Effective Budget Management

When considering their trade show booths, many business owners overspend on systems that are ill-suited to their promotional objectives. The planning process is a stage in which business owners must analyze their objectives and match those objectives with trade show architecture.

  1. Lead Generation is Difficult at First

Most growing companies find lead generation difficult when operating trade show booths for the first time. They’re new to the trade show environment and don’t know how to interact with attendees. To overcome this issue, develop a strategy for lead generation that mirrors the company’s current sales techniques.

  1. DSC_0197Teams Require Venue Management

Working with a team hosting the trade show booth, company leaders must ensure the team has expert management at the event. This ensures that they can direct any question they have to a knowledgeable senior team member and helps prevent mistakes being made by teams unsure of how to manage the various trade show elements.

By reviewing this list of things business owners had wish they’d known before their first trade show campaign, today’s business leaders can reduce their campaign costs and challenges significantly. To discuss this topic with a specialist, contact the team at Best Displays & Graphics today at 905-940-2378.