OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFebruary 11, 2016 – Your company’s investment in truss displays can be a catalyst for marketing success over many years to come. Truss displays offer a leading-class way of engaging event audiences and building interest within the company and its products and services. But before entering the marketplace and buying the latest truss display product, you should consider the following four questions.

  1. What is Our Long-Term Marketing Objective?

Whether your long-term objective is to bring leads to the company’s sales staff and increase sales of a certain product, you should know this objective and ensure all team members are in alignment on their role in ensuring the objective is reached.

  1. Dupont 10x20What are the Leading Promotional Challenges We Face?

Companies across the marketplace must overcome significant hurdles to achieve campaign growth. By assessing these challenges before you invest in a display, you can then ensure you buy a product designed specifically for responding to potential campaign stumbling blocks.

  1. What is Our Display Budget?

Crafting a flexible display budget is important when planning for the use of truss displays. Your display budget should include the price of potential storage, as well as of the professional design work. It’s also important that several in-house team members work together when creating the budget to ensure that all costs and potential marketing needs are considered.

  1. Integrity Home & Cottage-10344-10x20-A2What is The Timeline for Display Delivery?

When investing in the latest truss systems, you should have a clear timeline for the purchase process. The purchase should be completed several weeks before upcoming events to give all team members time to review the display and approve its use within the company’s marketing campaigns.

By considering the questions highlighted in this post, you can maximize your brand’s chances of a strong return on investment when buying quality displays in 2016. To learn more on the truss display purchase process, speak with our expert team directly at 905-940-2378.