November 30th – When you’ve used the same old trade show booth for several years, you can often feel as if your brand is becoming stale. And so, it’s important to be proactive in upgrading the display. To help guide you on a full range of upgrade options available, we’ll highlight the latest upgrades for your trade show booth in this new post.

Reprint graphics

Those older graphics can fade and begin to look worn over time. Make sure that your display has a bright appeal by reprinting your graphics and using products such as tension fabric displays. These systems highlight the value of the brand and hold their appeal over several years

Enhance the flooring

Think of your trade show flooring as an extension of your office. You can invite attendees to meetings at a built-in desk and use wooden flooring or turf to enhance the customer service experience.

Add a hanging sign

One of the leading challenges for exhibitors hosting event displays across the country is capturing the attention of guests. Adding a hanging sign may be the big impact you need to capture interest at events. Hanging signs are an affordable option for small companies hoping to make a swift and lasting impression.

Add new shelving

For scalable displays such as truss systems, you may have the option of bringing in new shelving. This type of addition can help you to add flat screens, which enable presentations to be held directly at the booth.

Our team at Best Displays & Graphics is here to guide you on your full range of trade show booth upgrades. To learn more, call us now!