June 16, 2015

Your brand requires versatile marketing to appeal to a wide event audience. Simply having one of the best trade show booths at the event is only one step in the marketing process. You should also consider other avenues to develop brand growth while attending trade show events. In this blog, we’ll review three techniques your brand can utilize to improve recognition beyond the walls of your trade show booths.

  1. Keynote Speeches

Is your company a leader within its field? Do you have a specialty that others would be interested to learn about? Why not offer to be a keynote speaker at your business events? Consult with the event host and then consider potential topics. You might consider an evolving technology in your industry or a common challenge others within the field experience as your speech subject matter.

  1. Sponsor Event Offers

You may also choose to sponsor an event offer as a means of introducing others to your brand. The offer could be a discount on one of your products or you could offer a free product for an event competition. By showing your organization is connected with event organizers in the marketplace, you can then become more of a prominent name within the industry. It’s important to consider sponsorship offers carefully and choose based on the company budget and the size of the event audience.

  1. Utilize Twitter & Facebook

Social media is your brand’s connection to all event audiences. Millions use the tools to connect with industry stakeholders each day. Your brand should be on these social media platforms directing the industry conversation. You can begin in the weeks before the event by connecting with attendees and then you may choose to live blog the event over Twitter to bridge the gap between online and offline audiences.

Versatile branding campaigns can empower growing firms. To enhance your company’s upcoming trade show event appearance, follow the tips highlighted within this article. To learn more, speak with our team here at Best Displays directly!