October 6, 2015 – With hundreds of brands marketing their products and services at their events, event representatives often find it difficult to ensure their brand rises above the cacophony of promotional noise and captures the interest of event audiences. Display banners stands have proven an effective tool in marketing campaigns for Toronto firms, and within this post, we’ll look at three ways to use display banner stands to capture attention in Toronto events.

  1. BD BannersThey Can Include Surprising Facts

Oftentimes, banner stands are used at point of service areas within event areas and so companies can use these displays to present surprising facts that support their business. For example “1 in 3 companies don’t have a lead generation strategy” could be a good fact to use for a marketing firm in selling their services via their banner stand.

  1. They Can Quickly Capture the Attention

The audience member’s eyes will be quickly drawn to display banner stands, particular stands that feature engaging graphics and professional branding. Because of their unique style, banner stands are highly effective for this style of direct marketing, as they capture the focus of the audience member immediately. It’s important for business owners to keep that focus by harnessing the best practices in display design.

  1. 33-48-33 Bubbas (Backwall Alternative)They Can be Used at Multiple Locations

Another clear benefit of banner stands is their portability. This means that companies can change the stand’s location during the event. If it’s not delivering results in use at an event entrance, reps could move the display to common gathering areas at the venue. This placement flexibility is a clear advantage display banner stands hold over other marketing display systems.

To discover more on the full array of marketing benefits offered by the use of banner stands, speak with our expert staff directly today!