Platinum NaturalsMarch 14, 2017 – Few professionals are as important to the success of your marketing strategies as those hosting trade show booths. This means you must ensure they are trained to communicate effectively and to promote the brand vision. To help guide you in ensuring effective training for the hosts of your trade show booths, we’re offering three tips within this latest post.

  1. Give them Time to Practice

Powered By SearchIn helping teams plan for a trade show event, it’s important that you give them several months to practice
their techniques. Make sure they’re attuned to the requirements for the event and give them time to master their communication skills.

  1. Encourage Teams to Ask Questions

One of the leading challenges facing marketing teams is a lack of information on prospects. Your trade show booth staff are the front lines of your campaigns and they can help you collect actionable data on your prospects and their requirements. Make sure teams know the right questions to ask and how to achieve effective lead generation at the event venue. This could offer your company the foundation for marketing success long into the future.

  1. Set Clear Expectations

WHRelocationsTeams often struggle without clear expectations on their performance at events. Make sure that tasks are effectively outlined and goals clearly set. Whether the objective is to get more leads for the marketing team or sign up clients for a free trial, your on-site team should have an understanding on this objective and the strategies for achieving their goal.

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